Sunday, September 9, 2007

Where can you find the best coaching?

The best coaching in the entire world should come from those who you regularly train with day in and day out. When everyone in your training group is actively trying to teach, coach and help one another you’ve got the best coaching in the world. Period.

Here is another way to put it;

A good martial arts coach should be able to teach their students to become skilled. A phenomenal martial arts coach should be able to teach their students to teach each other to become skilled.

I was totally stoked when I received this email from one of the students in our Martial Arts Life Program the other day.

“Peter and Bruce came over tonight and we rolled and drilled for about 2 1/2 hours! It was killer. We worked different escapes (mount, side, and a little knee-on-belly), and then put them into a drill round robin style. We made sure to switch it up so the same person wouldn't be rolling with the same opponent the whole time. Then we rolled, Iron Man style. I started, leap frogging Bruce and then rolling for 5 minutes immediately followed by repeating it with Peter. We did more conditioning, then moved onto Iron Man for Peter. By the end of I thought I was going to puke/pass out.

I did my best to remove the rubber stuff as much as possible and both Peter and Bruce noticed a difference and I fared much better than the other night. I also used to some great pointers that Peter gave me for some escapes. All in all, I was way hyped on the session and just wanted to let you know. Also, Peter, Bruce and I made a pact to keep up conditioning and helping each other...TEAMWORK STYLE.”

When everyone in the group begins to work together like this miracles happen. When everyone begins making pacts with one another to help each other out and elevate the skill level of the entire group that’s when the extra ordinary is accomplished.

Unfortunately in most martial arts programs especially Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the majority of the class members compete with one another. They actively battle to beat each other rarely ever stopping to try and elevate the ability of one of their class members or piers. The focus is too often on who you can beat and who you want to beat next.

Our Martial Arts Life Program has moved in the opposite direction. For this I am grateful!

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