Monday, October 13, 2008

The Best Approach to Exercise, Fitness and Health

What makes my approach to exercise, fitness and health unique?

It is athletic. It is my stance that the athletic approach to exercise, fitness and health is the most superior. It is the most functional and the most fun.

Learning to train like a world class athlete is important for several reasons. First there are very few other populations in the world that put more care, precision, planning and research into their exercise programs than the elite level athlete. Second an athlete doesn’t just exercise for the sake of exercise. The athlete is trying to improve their performance outside of the gym in another environment. The athlete’s mentality is to improve performance in their sport through the training done inside the gym.

This is the mentality you want to have when training yourself regardless of whether you play sports or not. The goal is to improve your performance, your energy level and your ability to function on a day in and day out basis outside of the gym through the training done in the gym. When you can take the things you do in your training and immediately get positive results in other environments; out on the field, the basketball court, at the golf course, at work and at home exercise becomes more fun and more rewarding and a lot easier to do. This is when you are no longer just “working out” but you are now TRAINING!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Most Often Referenced Movies

The following lists comprises of our most often referenced to movies while training in marital arts. Note: these are not recommended as the best movies or anything of that nature they are just the most often quoted and referenced too while we train. If you don't have them all I suggest you get them.

1. Star Wars; The references to this movie never stop, the Force, Yoda, Padawan learners, the Dark Side, Sith Lords and Jedi Knights seem to always come up.

The Last Dragon; The Last Dragon is a hit with both it's theme song and the glow. "To reach that higher level your body mind and your soul have got to be one its a sacrifice its a way of liffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeee."

Karate Kid; classic lines such as "sweep the leg! do you have a problem with the Mr. Lawrence?" can never be forgotten.

4. Pumping Iron. A cult classic this movie does get quoted from time t
o time although not nearly as much as the others. Arnold does have some of the most memorable lines in this film.

5. Enter the Dragon; If you are going to watch one Bruce Lee movie then this is it. Enter the Dragon has everything. The number of times I've mimicked from this Bruce Lee while training is many. Whoooaaaaaaa!

6. Dumb and Dumber; A timeless classic that is only mentioned with the utmost reverence.

Other movies we've talked about but are not on the all-stars list although they may be one day are;

That's it for now. If you can think of other movies that should be on either one of these lists post them up in the comments and I'll add them.