Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Buried with a Shovel Uppercut!

Last night I spent some considerable time coaching the shovel uppercut. Specifically we worked on the proper mechanics and how to correctly strike to the body.

The stronger your defensive structure the better you'll be able to work in a good counter shovel uppercut off a straight jab, cross or hook. Changing ranges, getting in for the shovel hook and getting out with proper foot work and always follow up with several linear strikes to head after going to body are very improtant aspects of the technique.

After a solid thirty to forty minutes training the shovel uppercut I worked in some rounds of light sparring. I think just about everyone of my students nailed me with a good solid shovel uppercut at some point during the nights sparring sessions. Each one at some point seemed to find their mark and bury me with a fist.

I had become so accustom to dealing with the jab hook and cross to the head and sparred with so many guys who simply don't know how to go to the body properly. When I faced a gym full of athletes who had the proper mechanics and technique to deliver a good body shot my ability to read the attack was off.

At the end of the night driving home I felt good about the training knowing as I raise the skill level of those around me I'm able to grow further myself. Part of a true Martial Arts Life program is rather than compete with those you train with try to lift them up. You'll find your own skills and abilities will only progress further as you do.

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