Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do you know what the BOP is?

Unless you're hip to comic book nerd lingo most likely you do not. The BOP stands for Bottom Of the Pile.

Pictured above; myself and a really tall guy with an awesome Darth Vader Costume (he's not with Lucas) at the San Diego Comic-Con 08

Essentially what this means in comic bookdom is; when a comic book nerd goes to the comic book shop and purchases all his stuff this guy then places all of his books in a pile. The pile is organized in a specific order. At the top of the pile is the stuff he's not as concerned with or less interested in. At the bottom of the pile is always the stuff he's the most interested in reading and can't wait to get to. The strategy in placing the best stuff at the bottom of the pile is to insure one reads everything one purchased, to have something to look forward too and to save the best stuff for last. The goal of every comic book nerd is to get to the BOP as fast as possible.

Having piles of books and stuff around is a habit I picked up long ago when I was a young comic book reader. I still remember my first pile when I was about 12 years old. No one taught this system to me it was just something I did naturally. Then as I got older I discovered that comic book readers from all over the world kept piles around with a

Today my daughter (
thanks to me) has her own pile right next to her bed (that I have to read to her). In fact right now I have piles all over the house. I have my bathroom BOP, my night stand BOP, Living Room BOP and so forth. It particularly drives my wife crazy when I can sit down virtually any where in the house and pick something up from one of my piles and start working towards the BOP.

Anyway I'm going to try and get to the
BOP by this weekend. However I don't have too many comic books in my pile anymore. Instead I've got medical texts, research reports, folk lore and fiction and all kinds of other stuff............. and well maybe a few comic books. I haven't been to the BOP in a long time so we'll see how it goes.

Posing with the guys at the Lucas booth click on this picture is worth the closer look!

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