Thursday, May 8, 2008

Creating a Training Environment Together!

In San Diego we finally finished up painting the inside of our Martial Arts Life San Diego gym. This was a fun project everyone helped out with. We started a little over a month ago and knocked out most of the major work in about four hours. After a taking long break from painting we finished up the project just a week ago.

Throwing up the new paint was a lot of fun it was great to see everyone getting involved and helping out. The best training environment we can have is one we all create together.

This new look really helps set the entire tone of our gym. A place where individuals can come together as a team and accomplish the extraordinary.

Special thanks to everyone who helped out; Bruce, Brian, McCray, Jeremy, Ryan, Spencer, Peter, Elizabeth and Greg.

Check out the pictures below to see the finished paint.

Strength Training Area

Back to Front View

Front to Back

We have G.A.M.E.

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